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BVI Shipping Policy

How It Works

Orders are processed and shipped from the Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands on Monday - Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Tortola Orders
These are hand delivered to customers in the Road Town area on the same day or next business day. (typically within 24 hours of when the order was placed)

Prior to delivery, the customer will be contacted via phone or message to confirm a place and time for delivery. The customer must provide a time and place so that delivery can be completed within the 24 hours after the order was placed, or the order will automatically be cancelled. If an order is ever cancelled in this situation, the customer can reorder when it is more convenient for them.

Hand delivery in the Road Town, Tortola is FREE of charge.

Virgin Gorda Orders
These are shipped out on the same or next business day via the customer's selected ferry to the The St. Thomas Bay Jetty, The Valley, Virgin Gorda. The customer MUST collect their order from ferry/ferry office.

Prior to shipping the customer will be contacted via phone or message to confirm the best time for shipment based on the ferry schedule.

There is a $5 standard rate for shipping/handling Virgin Gorda orders.

Order Tracking
You will receive an email confirmation with information on when and where to Pick Up your order. Please check your junk mail folder if you did not receive one.

Missing Package
If you go to pick up your order within the advised time and the carrier cannot find it, please call or message us so we can assist to trace and retrieve the package as quickly as possible. Small mistakes can happen while moving a package from one island to the other but once your order was dropped off to the carrier/ferry, it's more than likely still in their possession. This rarely occurs, but if it does, we at Faithfully Her would like to resolve it as quickly as possible.

If you go to collect your order after the advised time, and then the carrier/ferry has difficulty finding the order/package. We are happy to assist and it is likely it will be retrieved, but since it is beyond the advised time and the ferries do not offer package storage  it may take longer to retrieve. We cannot estimate how long that may take.

Don't worry, in either situation it is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that your package would not be later found for you.

Disclaimer: The ferry/carrier service is not a part of Faithfully Her. It is a third party service that is paid to safely carry the package from one island to the other. When a package has been paid for and handed to a carrier/ferry, Faithfully Her can no longer be liable regarding the package during transit. Orders that cannot be found immediately or ultimately will not be refunded or replaced.

BVI Shipping Policy: Shipping Policy
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