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From One Woman To Another

A Women Empowerment, Faith-based Platform

At Faithfully Her, we believe that faith is a lifestyle. We walk with it, we talk with it – it gives us hope! Every area of our life is birthed out of, and dependent on, our faith.

The Faithfully Her blog is the place where we take the journey of life, in faith, together. We identify God in the detail of our everyday lives – in our workplace, on our travels, and even in our relationships! Through this faith journey, we empower women to be grounded in and grow in God's word.

Our approach is to use biblical principles, prayers, devotionals, and real-life stories to equip women to embrace their true identity as the empowered faithful woman, so that they may confidently navigate through the journey of life.

We're happy that you've decided to join us on this journey!

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5 Tips For Self-Care

If you've lived through this pandemic, no doubt self-care is something that you've thought about, researched and even actively pursued....

The Blessing And The Curse

The month of September signals the start of a new season in some places of the world. Whether we call it Autumn or Fall, this new season...

What It Means To Be A Woman At Work

Being a woman in the working world is an experience in and of itself. As a lawyer, I’ve truly faced what it means to work in a man’s...

I AM Beautiful

Growing up, I heard the phrase that 'beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'. I remember my younger years of hoping that someone would see...

An Open Letter To Women

Today marks the last day of Women's History Month. As a woman who strongly believes in women empowerment, I felt a duty to write...

You Are The Apple Of His Eyes

Today all over the world, people are celebrating Valentine's Day. Many women are waiting in anticipation of being showered by their...

A Beautiful Beginning With God

Being a woman is a liberating and complicated experience. Being a short woman at that (I'm 5ft 2") brings with a whole other set of...

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