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The Faithfully Her Lifestyle

Ensuring Every Woman Is Empowered By Faith

Our products (coming soon!) are specifically chosen with you in mind. Ready to become the dynamic woman you're destined to be? 

Let us help you to GEAR up in faith.

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Wear Who You Are

Our apparel boast positive messages to instill confidence as a woman or portray your stance as a woman of faith. Each piece of clothing is carefully selected to ensure that the message conveyed is one of authority and belief.



Learn Your Power

We believe that each woman is born with qualities to lead and dominate in her own space. Our books are strategically selected to ensure that they resonate with the women that we cater to and focus on empowerment and faith.


Adorn With Grace

Each accessory that we stock is engraved with a positive or faith-based message. You'll be sure to love each piece! Our jewelry communicates power and our bags are embossed with our logo, as an ever-present reminder of the Faithfully Her lifestyle.



Relax with God

We ensure that our faith sisters are equipped with items to spend moments of relaxation with God, whether it's with our reed diffusers, fragrance oils or bath bombs. Every woman longs for rest and every woman has power, which is found through her faith.

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